Benjamin Robinson was founded by designer and craftsman, Phil Nesburg in 2005.  Our mission is to enrich peoples lives with custom made wood furnishings.  We believe quality furnishings start in the mind of an individual, NOT on a showroom floor; and end with heirloom pieces, NOT disposable junk.

In America today, we buy cheap furnishings that closely resemble our ideals and nearly fit our specifications.  Then we arrange our homes and lives to fit those furnishings. At Benjamin Robinson, we believe this is upside down.  Products should be designed and built around one's needs and imagination.  A table should be built to fit the space you have, a cabinet should be designed to house your treasures, and décor should express your creativity.  The things for which you trade your hard earned money should make you proud that you own them and should enrich you and your family for generations. 


Phillip Nesburg

Phil Nesburg was born to a farm family in the Minnesota River valley below Fort Ridgley State Park near Fairfax, MN.  He grew up working with his hands and solving problems with his imagination.  He was influenced by a father and grandfather who were farmers, handymen, and woodworkers.  The name,  Benjamin Robinson, is in honor of his father, Robin.

His family is full of inspiring artists and craftsman.  Hand made quilts, needlepoint, and photography adorn their walls and music fills the hallways of their homes--homes which they built themselves.  This creative and practical sensibility is evident in his designs.

In 2016, Phil purchased Preferred Woodworks in Savage, MN. Preferred Woodworks makes residential and commercial custom cabinetry.

He currently resides and works in Chanhassen, MN with his wife and 3 children.