Quality Furniture Fits YOUR Space.

You shouldn't have to build a dining room to fit the table you want.  The table should be built to fit your space.  Together we will design a piece that fills your needs in the exact proportions your space allows.

Quality Furniture Reflects YOUR Creativity. 

Choosing from a short list of pre-set options is NOT custom furniture.  Bring me photos, sketches, drawings, colors, or any objects that inspire you.  We will transform those ideas into furniture that will be beautiful, functional and a source of pride for generations.

Quality Furniture Serves YOUR Needs.

Does your living room need a TV stand, a book shelf, a cabinet and wine rack?    Lets build something that accomplishes EVERYTHING you need it to.  There's no need to compromise on functionality. 

Quality Furniture Will Last Generations.

A well-kept secret of the wealthy is that they purchase quality.  Quality furniture not only adds to one's wealth now, but won't become an expense later.  You can buy a cheap bookshelf every time you move, or you can have one heirloom quality piece created for you today that will serve and enrich your great-grandchildren many years from now.